A letter to my friends.....

Five years ago my nephew Tyler suddenly began having seizures. During a recent stay at Children’s Hospital, Tyler was diagnosed with a large brain tumor that is believed to have been causing the seizures all these years.
Tyler is 15 and loves sports, especially wrestling, fishing, hunting, gaming and hanging out with his friends. Right now, though, he cannot do many of those treasured things that boys his age get to do. Worst of all, Tyler is currently unable to attend school. He is a sweet-natured boy with a tender heart. When people meet him they cannot help but instantly like him.
His long term treatment will require major surgery along with recovery and rehabilitation. His rehabilitation will require him to relearn all of the basics of life you and I know how to do and many of us take for granted each day. To help defray some of the costs that his family will incur, I have determined to undertake this "Scraps of Love" project.
How did all this come to be? During an outing with a dear friend, I asked "what do you think of a spaghetti dinner?". She said "Oh, no Heather, lets make a quilt!" I instantly agreed. What better way to spread our love than through our stitches. With the help of some very talented quilting friends, I am creating a twin size quilt that will be raffled off to raise money that will help offset Tylers non-insurance-covered hospital expenses. Elizabeth D. won the quilt!
Donations of any size are very welcome.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Big Thank You..

Many of you have asked how are we doing, so I decided to post an update on the business  side of things.  

It is amazing the responses that we are receiving; you do really want to help Tyler and his family!  We have had responses from CA, NJ, PA, CO, AK, AZ, SC, and even Canada.  

Most of the page views are coming from Facebook.  So please keep reposting, you are making  a difference.  In addition, there is increased volume from the Mom In Management post from earlier this week.  Thank you to all the bloggers you have reposted on their pages as well.

We are close to $600 and our big goal is $3000.  I am planning to put a counter up this weekend to track the progress.  The raffle is scheduled for December 15 using random.org.  So let's see if we can get there together! 
With all my love,

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